Tabletop (the musical)

mb stage productions, llc · Ages 12+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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June 21, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

I especially loved several of the songs! The lyrics, melodies and harmonies were top notch! I appreciated many of the nuanced comedic moments and subtle references to nerd culture (yay Mystic, haha)! I was impressed by the charismatic and enthusiastic performances of many of the actors! Congrats to a job well done!

What I didn't like

I would love to see the production performed with mics and a live band! It was sometimes difficult for me to hear the lyrics and dialogue. I think a keyboard/percussion set-up could add to the energy and enthusiasm of the performers!

My overall impression

Tabletop was a fun, fresh and exciting adventure into the world of role-playing games and the players who play them. The story follows the critical successes and sometimes failures of a long-term RPG gaming group, weaving the fantasy world of Vaelrun with the real-life struggles that each of the characters faced. It spotlights the dangers and delights that an immersive campaign can offer players both in game and out. It shows the audience a place where relationships, strategy, teamwork, dedication and imagination all collide to find balance and meaning. As we navigate through the tabletop campaign, we encounter all the highs and lows of life itself: from sorrow, loss, laughter, triumph, love and everything in between.

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