If It Goes There

prime minister productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere

- Pick of the Fringe!
- WINNER: Encore! Producers’ Award
- 100% SOLD OUT run during 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival – including added Encore performances!
***Special citation from Mitch O’Farrell, Councilmember 13th District, for “Further adding to the diversity, creativity, and artistic value of the Hollywood neighborhood and City of Los Angeles.”

Friday, July 12th @ 8PM
Sunday, July 14th @ 5PM

“Funny, smart, and surprisingly moving story of the intertwining complexities of love and sex in our modern age. Dan Perry’s sharp, insightful, touching and hilarious writing gives the cast a lot to work with, and they don’t disappoint, delivering exciting and relatable performances that kept the audience riveted. The hour flew by! Go see it you will not be disappointed.”

“Great writing with a great cast.”

“Insightful, touching and revealing of the desire that everyone feels – male, female, straight, gay – to make that connection.”

“I was completely engrossed the entire time. It was relatable and fun.”

“It was a wonderful show — relatable, touching, funny, and expertly directed and acted.”

“Funny. Heartfelt. Connected in a way that I’ve never seen on stage re: social media.”

“A heartfelt 70-minute romp. The modern day challenge of exploring our heart’s desire via a smart phone is creatively played out with a script that sings and performances that tickle and intrigue.”

“Loved this show! There were parts that made me laugh and cry. Completely enjoyable from start to finish.”

“Funny, touching and topical!”

“If It Goes There has heart, and shares the vulnerability we all face when it comes to dating.”

“Playful while also being thought provoking and relatable.”

“Wonderful!! Very entertaining!”

“The writing was very clever with a strong cast.”

“Creative premise, well performed by a cast with great chemistry.”

“This show was great! Excellent writing and a relatable and compelling story. Charming cast.”

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran