Town Brawl

immersive theatre · your neighbors · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by ERIK BLAIR

June 09, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: humorous · comedy · enjoyable · interactive · fun · AMUSING

What I liked

As the main leader of the fracas, Maura McCarthy gives a great performance. Both sharp and sarcastic, nasty and exactly-as-you-expect from someone whose just taken ‘power’ in a small-government way, McCarthy’s attitude and timing stand out as exactly on the money. She’s so believable in her role that I wondered if she’s actually got experience with leaders like that.

Also, while I don’t know her name or the character’s name, the older lady’s constant peanut-gallery comments were some of the best pieces of the show.

What I didn't like

The show has a somewhat rambling feel, which might be intentional or might be still trying to tighten up with a preview, but it dragged the latter part of the show just a tad. That meant the audience’s energy also dropped—which was too bad as until that point, they’d been laughing consistently.

My overall impression

There’s something to be said about a comedic interactive show. They’re rare to see because it can be very hard to craft a show that is relies on both audience AND comic timing and make it work. Town Brawl, however, manages to hit most of its marks and gives you a fun and enjoyable example of exactly how weird town meetings can get.

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