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Review by ERIK BLAIR

June 08, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: mindbending · Different · unique · fun · Sci-Fi · weird · dark · humorous

What I liked

This is a show where the writing and the staging become paramount to whether the show will be enjoyable. Fortunately for the audience, they’ve succeeded admirably.

The writing is the true star of this show, as Fisher has built a mind-trip of a story that weaves and turns in on itself like the proverbial snake eating its own tail (which is even referenced within the context of the show). While I happened to figure out the point of what was happening early on, there was a great deal to be enjoyed in watching how we got from A to B and back to A.

What I didn't like

There was something brilliant about writing on the walls in the show—and I wish that it had been utilized even more throughout. The idea of a piano drawn on a wall in chalk being “played” by a character in the show created this weird sense of unreality—which was perfect for the story being told. I wish it had been used equally strongly in each scene, as it could have built an ongoing sense of both space and time and dimension breaking down…which again would have been appropriate for the themes and ideas of the show.

My overall impression

If there is one thing Michael Shaw Fisher is fantastic at, it’s creating a sense of the strange, unique and compelling. Once again, he’s drafted a story about a machine, an altered state of reality and something that seems very, very familiar…

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