Klingon Tamburlaine

school of night · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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ANDREW LEESON certified reviewer June 30, 2019
tagged as: classical · War · star trek.
Kit Marlowe would have loved this. The epic scale of the Tamburlaine tryannic tragedy translates so well into inter-galactic space. Trekkies would love the details and the way the actors conveyed the posture and quirks of each species. Classical scholars would love the reverence and delivery of each line - the poetry magnifies by being presented in what I would say was a period acting style, and yet so Klingon - magnificent theatre! Bravo.... full review
DAVID LUCARELLI certified reviewer June 12, 2019
tagged as: costumes · special effects · intense · drama · fun · funny · Star Trek
Christopher Marlowe's melodrama about the rise of a ruthless man to great power is put into the world of Star Trek to great effect. ... full review
JIM BLANCHETTE certified reviewer June 10, 2019
tagged as: Sci Fi · classical · Stage Combat · humor
This is an epic theatre piece presented with full pageantry. I love the commitment to bring a massive theatre classic to the Fringe. Though long for a Fringe show, the company does a masterful job of combining two epic Marlowe works into 105 minutes. The cast delivers grand, stylized performances, none better than Matt Harding in the lead role. This show has great acting, humorous special effects, and terrific hand to hand combat.... full review
JOHN KEATING certified reviewer June 15, 2019
A fun-filled, outrageous take on a classic piece of theatre. A wonderful experience for fans and non-fans alike. Fantastic work by all!... full review
MITCHELL GLASER certified reviewer June 16, 2019
Galactical theatrical brilliance! Who are these School of Night people who so savagely mount the classics, redigested for these latter days? Even better than last year's Hercules Insane (my favorite play of HF18), Klingon Tamburlaine achieves the seemingly impossible, again and again. The Ruby Theater stage is not large; how then did they portray vast space battles and epic sword combat on the plains of the Klingon homeworld. You'll have to see the show to find out, and you will be amazed. And the acting is beyond devastating: no one ever chewed the scenery like Klingon Tamburlaine!... full review
DREW PETRIELLO certified reviewer June 15, 2019
Qapla' motherfuckers.... full review
PATRICK MANNION certified reviewer June 10, 2019
I was prepared... If this turned out to be a bunch of Trekkies wearing bad headpieces and doing bad Marlowe, I was prepared to ask Scotty to "beam me up". But OMG it was amazing. Amazing, I tell you! Congratulations on this directorial tour-de-force, Christopher Johnson! As for the source material, Kit Marlowe's words fit the patriarchal, pride-fueled, warlike Klingon worldview perfectly! The writing (or updating to the Trek world) is spot-on. The acting is full bodied and intense (Matt Harding as Tamburlaine especially so). The hand-to-hand combat is well-choreographed and a pleasure to watch. And then there's the ship combat, which is... I hate to give anything away... it's just damn bloody brilliant. And for the fans: The Tre... full review
ROSS GOSLA certified reviewer June 26, 2019
Everything I was hoping for and more. Seeing two things I love - Star Trek and highly stylized theatre - blend into this unique experience made the little kid in me bounce up and down with joy! Truly a one of kind theatrical experience, Klingon Tamburlaine is a triumph of theatrical innovation and performance.... full review
TONI ROSE certified reviewer June 10, 2019
What the shit did I just watch? I wasn't quite sure what to expect walking in there because I'm not a trekkie, nor do I geek out on classical theater. How can I best describe my experience: from the first ominous epic drum beat, the production grabbed me by my hair, dragged me all over the solar system, and screamed at me a lot. I experienced this at a lovely fringe discount. I would pay full price.... full review
ROXANE SMYER certified reviewer June 15, 2019
tagged as: epic · classic · tragedy
An epic update to a classic play.... full review