Dandy Darkly's All Aboard!

solo performance · dandy darkly · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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Review by ERIC WEBB

June 20, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The incredible writing and performance from Dandy Darkly. The execution of the individual tales and how the overall structure of the meta-narrative emerges over the course of the show revealing a whole other level of metaphysical karma and social commentary at play in the story.

Not only is he a rapturous storyteller that completely draws you into these into these strange tales, he does so with impeccable timing, never failing to hit numerous music and sound cues from a fantastically constructed soundtrack and tailor-made original score that perfectly complements the performance. His delivery is a perfect blend of preacher, side-show barker, mischievous imp, and sympathetic ally to the beautiful freaks of the world.

What I didn't like

Nothing. This is a brilliant show!

My overall impression

I cannot recommend enough that you take this whimsical, hilarious, harrowing, and heartbreaking journey into the dark heart of the American South with your conductor, the incomparable Dandy Darkly – a master storyteller that will delight with sordid tales of terror and transformation! Like a Goth-infused, woke Prairie Home Companion on drugs, this is a must-see show.

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