Octopi Wall Street

ensemble theatre · and/yet/1951 · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 18, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

There’s a lot to like about this show. With any good show, it has to start at its most basic foundation. Karen Casady did a tremendous job of bringing humor but also poignancy to the very important issue of climate change. While often these topics can sound preachy, this never seemed that way. Her message is carefully woven in through multiple characters and their stories as the brilliantly played glacier is going through its transformation. If you think the writing is bad, then you’re not paying attention to intelligent writing. This isn’t a play just for the sake of being entertained, though it seems like the directing wants to take it that way. This play is meant to entertain but also get people to think, something that’s lacking across all mediums today. 5 star play.

The actors also did an amazing job. Some of my favorite scenes included (no spoilers): David Adler and Judge Boothby’s scene, Abbilyn, Kimberly, and Weronika’s scene as birds. Hilarious scene. And Cannot forget about Beau. They were all great, including Jeffrey with his monologues. Wonderful acting all around.

What I didn't like

I think some of the scenes were a bit too loud. It had more to do with me sitting in the front row than anything else. I was there on opening night when surely everyone is nervous to put on the production. The writing and the acting make up for those nerves; they carry the whole show. Some transitions between scenes could’ve been better; it was no fault of the writing or the actors.

My overall impression

This is without a doubt of of the best productions I’ve seen in a very long time! It was both thought provoking and hilarious at all of the right moments. The writing was incredible. The acting was great. I would recommend this intelligent and hilariously written play to anyone willing to listen.

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