Octopi Wall Street

ensemble theatre · and/yet/1951 · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 16, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The language, especially. But also the ways the various cast members brought that language to life, and the way the direction managed the stage action and interplay between the actors. I loved the device of bringing the “glacier” on stage as a through-line in and between scenes, and what’s not to like about drag-queen barley?

What I didn't like

Fringe’s website. "IMPOORTANT NOTE: We cannot certify that this reviewer has actually attended a performances of this show because no ticket was purchased through this website. "

Seriously? First, learn how to spell “important.” Second, do you intend to delegitimize reviews from people who attended the play in groups (as often only one member will have handled the actual ticket-transaction on your site)?

My overall impression

An absolutely terrific show! I loved the writing, and the acting and direction really brought it all together into a complete package that represents the best of the post-Beckett theatre scene. A combination of humor and pathos and immediate political urgency unlike any I have seen.

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