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Review by ERIK BLAIR

June 07, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: surprising · funny · dark · accurate · interesting

What I liked

Given how many times I’ve seen shows that began like this one—and only continued to be exactly what they began as—this show caught me completely off-guard when it switches things up about 8 minutes into the show.

The actors all portrayed multiple versions of characters very well, each of them slowly being peeled back to something darker and sadder.

Most of all, because I am a creator for Fringe, there was a deep melancholic sense to everything that I both appreciated and recognized as a mirrored version of what we all go through. I think that’s hard to come by and this cast should be applauded for generating such heartfelt emotions in the midst of the absurd premise.

What I didn't like

I think the opening of the show is so strong that it became hard to maintain the sort of giddy “what could happen next” feel of the latter half of the show. While I understand the need to explore the ramifications of things that have occurred, I think the script could be either tightened up so that it moves a little more crisply to the finale OR the order in which things were presented could ultimately be shuffled around a little.

Ultimately, the opening and closing are strong—but in the latter half, the humor and the horror are mixed in a way that feels somewhat out of order or lagging.

My overall impression

A show with a unique twist that makes it a great example of how to have fun within a Fringe show.

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