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June 28, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

I loved the movement and use of space. The TOTALLY cute robot. It was all so much fun, it is hard to nail it down to specifics, just suffice to say you get a feeling in this show, that you are being propelled, uplifted, and brought along for a really amazing ride where you know it will work out okay. Good triumphs and THAT itself makes it so enjoyable. Isn’t it time the good guys won?

What I didn't like

I would like a song to be slightly reworked to give us a “hit” song—so we leave humming it. All the songs are great— I just think Michael with his vast talent can tweak something into that hit song from show that this would benefit from in its future successes. I expect to see this or something Michael does on Broadway very soon.

My overall impression

So much fun. Fast-paced and uplifting. I really enjoyed the entire cast. Memorable, funny, and charming performances. Superb lyrics from Mr. Shapiro (also, loved the book and music!). Michael Shapiro blends amazing wit, robot-level genius, (see how I did that?) and perfect rhyme and scansion. As a lyricist myself I have HUGE respect for his abilities!

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