Princess Magic's Trash Time Revue

comedy · mad little raven productions, inc. · Ages 14+ · United States of America

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BENJAMIN BUDZAK certified reviewer June 08, 2019
tagged as: hilarious · funny · RUDE · CRUDE · whiskey · birthday
I have seen a ton of magic shows in my short time on this green earth, and I saw Princess Magic at the Magic Castle (she was turning tricks out by the smoking section), and this show can only be described as a genius reinterpretation of the art of magic. A funny and snide slap in the face of the pretentious David Copperfield types, this show will have you laughing, crying, and swearing all at the same time. ... full review
TRISH ALASKEY certified reviewer June 11, 2019
As a long-time Misty Lee fan, I will show up to see her do anything. She can do it all, and she does it all very, very well. Princess Magic, has quite the cult-following in the magic community already, so branching out into the Fringe world is an exciting experiment that feels like a brilliant move. This show is going to make you laugh till your side hurts, cringe in the best of ways, gasp at the boldness, and fall in love with someone you never thought you would. You’ll leave the show wishing you could walk right back in to sit through it all over again...and again...and again. The entire cast was hilarious and silly and entertaining. I will be going again and can’t wait to get back for another round or two! ... full review
JEN OVADIA certified reviewer June 26, 2019
Princess Magic is a must-see! ... full review
JOHN PATRICK DALY certified reviewer June 27, 2019
A hilarious dumpster-fire-turned-Fringe-show, which is all we can really ask for from Fringe. This is magic unlike you've ever seen, stripped down the the tricks without any of the pizzazz and all of the bravada. Misty Lee gives a performance that is both hard to watch and hard to look away from, committing so hard that you'll wonder who is actually the weird one, you or her. ... full review
ENCI BOX certified reviewer June 29, 2019
Had an absolutely fun time at this short performance. I was laughing from beginning to end and enjoyed the goofy and funny magic tricks. I would go and see this again if I could. Highly recommend this show for anyone who wants to just have fun!... full review
SEBASTIAN MUNOZ certified reviewer June 09, 2019
tagged as: hilarious · raunchy · magic · funny · burlesque · comedy
It's the day after and I'm still recovering from the pulled muscles from laughing so hard. Misty Lee is absolutely brilliant, raunchy, and hilarious like I've never seen get before. One of the most entertaining nights I've experienced at Fringe. Do NOT miss this. You'll be glad you went. ... full review
REDETHA DEASON certified reviewer June 09, 2019
Misty Lee & company had us laughing soooooo hard the entire show! ... full review
MATTHEW ROBINSON certified reviewer June 20, 2019
tagged as: hilarious · Great cast · oddball · zany · clever
Quirky, hilarious, often absurd comedy creates a rowdy good time! This is the kind of show you see and just laugh and laugh because every segment just gets crazier and crazier in all the right ways and by the time you are done you are exhausted from laughing so much.... full review
SAM PASTERNACK certified reviewer June 20, 2019
If you have a medical condition that requires you to laugh every 15 seconds or else you will explode, Princess Magic will keep you alive.... full review
JENNIFER CHUN certified reviewer June 20, 2019
We saw the late night performance of Princess Magic's Trash Time Revue, and it was the perfect ending for a day of fine Fringe shows. With raucous, unapologetic, and bizarre humor, this show put the exclamation point on our Fringing experience. ... full review