Pocketmon! A Parody Musical

the bardic bastards · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 18, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

I played a bit of the phone game, but I would not call myself a Pokemon (or as I call it – Pokey-man) fan. I didn’t get everything, though I could be sure the rowdy crowd of younger Millennials did. This cast ran the room from beginning to end, and the uproar from the audience tells me these guys really know their Pokey-man. What is particularly good about this production is that even someone a bit out of touch like me, found myself howling at the wacky characters and the silly ass fights. Like any great parody, you don’t need to know the source to find it funny. The source is backdrop for something more. Stand outs were the lead actor (Something Snag ‘em – sorry I had been over-served at Broadwater before seeing it) , Peekaboo, Orange hair girl, and the weird blue thing with no arms. No idea what that guy was, but he was making me laugh so hard. I thought the wigged girls with that that cat dude…sorry, I told you I don’t know Pokemon…really worked well together and served as a great foil to the heroes. This is a talented group, having fun, working hard, making fun theater for a rowdy crowd of nerds. It’s a beautiful thing.

What I didn't like

Could do with a little polish, but I can tell you no one there gave two shoots about a few flubbed lines and forgotten dance moves.

My overall impression

The thing that bothers me the most about the parody musical craze, is that more often than not, the musicals are not parodies. They are blatant rip-offs of intellectual property, and people act like just because it’s a musical – that makes it a parody. I hate it. It’s unfair to the creators, and it’s unfair to those playing by the rules. This is why I have to offer my sincerest congratulations to the writers and producers of Pocketmon for actually being a real parody musical. I commend you all for playing by the rules, and for showing the other so-called parody musicals how it should be done. For that reason alone, you have a made a fan out of me.

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