"And Now It's All This!"

ensemble theatre · manvs films. · Ages 17+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 29, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

David Foy Bauer is brilliant as Lennon, bringing charm and ego along with a real sense of desperate vulnerability. Stephanie Greer and Spencer Cantrell are standouts as well, balancing comedy, seduction, and tension with ease.

Trevor Boelter’s script is tight, fun, and a great character study into a man that becomes myth in his own time. His character of the preacher also serves to bring the Americana into this piece, showing us how ridiculous the whole situation is, and shining a light on the clown show that is our country right now.

What I didn't like

I understand this is part one? I want to see the other Beatles and hear their sides of it. I want to see the tour, and the effect it has on the fandom.

My overall impression

Powerful, timely, and engaging, this show brings John Lennon and the Beatles into the harsh light of celebrity, reality, and what it means to be owned by the world. A fantastic piece of theater that stays with you long after it’s done, leaving you asking if the price of fame is worth the cost of self.

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