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EMILY BOLCIK certified reviewer June 10, 2019
tagged as: family drama · political
this was a thought provoking, timely show. i loved how it explored big themes on a small scale. ... full review
DREW PETRIELLO certified reviewer June 14, 2019
tagged as: trumpian · 'merica · freedom · family · appeasement · War · masculinity · honor · political
This play was a masterclass in increasing tension and does a wonderful job bringing macro issues down to a micro level. It's a whirlwind of a ride that you should not miss this Fringe!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 15, 2019
tagged as: amazing
Treason encapsulates the complicated family dynamics under the threat of violence; a striking analogy to what is going on in Trump’s America. ... full review
JEREMY TRAVIS certified reviewer June 16, 2019
Treason was wonderfully written and well cast. The directing was on point. ... full review
CHRISTI PEDIGO certified reviewer June 19, 2019
WOW! Treason has one of the strongest casts I've seen at Fringe this year. Every character is real, honest, and completely connected. The well written script helps them achieve this feat with honest family moments, tense dramatic moments, and a well thought out arc. An all around great show.... full review
VICTOR SOTOMAYOR certified reviewer June 20, 2019
Treason has a tension meter that starts to boil early on the show as we see the Wilsons fight over a board game up until we see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Grant Wilson’s performance is authoritarian, mean, xenophobic, stubborn, violent, tyrannical yet you can’t take your eyes away from him.... full review
MATTHEW HENNIGAR certified reviewer June 20, 2019
DePriester has written a taut, classically structured decline of a family that takes off from a seemingly absurd premise and dives straight into the dark heart of our current political moment. The play is unabashedly political while remaining grounded in all-too-believable characters. Excellent acting all around - highly recommend! ... full review
PATRICK CHAVIS certified reviewer June 22, 2019
tagged as: family · NEVADA · country
8.5 out of 10 - A GREAT SHOW! click on the link to learn more. full review
CHASE CARSON certified reviewer June 23, 2019
Treason is an engaging hour of family drama that keeps its vision straight through to the end. There was a lot to take away from this show- the acting and writing worked incredibly well together to create a fantastic story.... full review
HENRY PARIZEK certified reviewer June 23, 2019
tagged as: drama · tension · political · topical
Treason is a great look at modern America; not ever coming off as parody but always thoughtful. ... full review