REWIND - A New 80's Pop Musical

musicals and operas · roze broze productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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CRAIG FRITZ certified reviewer June 09, 2019
Rewind is a "feel good" musical and I left the theater with a huge smile on my face!... full review
VALERIE-JEAN MILLER certified reviewer July 07, 2019
Winner of the 2019 Encore! Producers' Award, Rewind is a Musical Tale about Love, Redemption and the Magic of Second Chances. A powerful producer derails a young girl's promising music career and she spends the next 50 years waiting tables. When the producer skydives out of a plane, he is met with an untimely end and is barred from Heaven. To gain entrance he must, with a little help from the Universe, rewind Time and help her reclaim her destiny. He's given a year's time limit. Entire Article: ... full review
JONATHAN TIPTON MEYERS encore judge certified reviewer July 19, 2019
Like a mouthful of exploding candy, Rewind is a bouncy, buoyant, bubbling confection of 80's "PopRocks" for your musical soul. With bright new songs that feel retro, energetic acting and direction, Sam and Geoffrey Rose's time-bending search for a hit song makes you smile for each of its 100+ minutes. ... full review
MATT RITCHEY certified reviewer June 12, 2019
tagged as: fun · great music · energetic
If you love 80’s music and want to get some brand new 80’s songs stuck in your head, fast-forward to the Actor’s Company Let Live Theater for 90 minutes of goofy, fun, touching, toe-tapping musical theater in the new Roze Broze Production of Rewind.... full review
BRIGHT EYES certified reviewer June 18, 2019
tagged as: good tunes · Fast-paced · good voices
A group of show biz wanna-bees, very nicely produced musical with a lot of great tunes. Love conquers all. What's not to like?... full review
CARINE GIACOMINI certified reviewer June 19, 2019
My husband and were very impressed, and thoroughly enjoyed this remarkable, totally original and fun show. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good time!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 22, 2019
We loved the show and had so much fun! Laughed, teared up, and danced along. Fun songs and love how full out all the actors were. ... full review
SARA TOMKO certified reviewer June 22, 2019
tagged as: fabulous · fun · Upbeat · talented · funny
This show is very well cast and full of fun! Suzanne Slade, as Gina, is absolutely divine! ... full review