To Richard!

ensemble theatre · pale horse craft · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 15, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

I write, direct, produce and act in the theatre and have for about 3 decades. I would never attempt to do all of those things in one production. I’m just not that good. I honestly didn’t think anyone was. If anyone IS, it’s Jessica Durdock Moreno. Honestly, I’m utterly jealous of how damn good she is. From the moment she enters the scene, her rawly emotional, layered performance as Carol – a woman spectacular in her mediocrity – is utterly astounding.
I laughed and cried through the entire hour.
Nicky Romaniello is also absolutely outstanding. I was WITH them both, completely and totally in love with this story.
The set design is simple, yet beautiful (and my first thought that the use of autumn leaves was more trouble than it could possibly be worth was later revoked as I was shown – oh yeah, totally worth it!, when Carol puts them to good use)
Most of all, I feel like I know Richard, through them. Richard is someone we never meet, but he is “brought to life” through the near pitch-perfect performances of Moreno and Romaniello.

What I didn't like

Not much, really.
I’d like to see Moreno actually work with a director. She did an amazing job, but outside eyes are a great thing and could perfect the rare moments when the characters basically have to continually find reasons to be near each other when they may not be characteristically motivated to.
There was some beautiful lighting design in the very beginning, and then throughout I felt that sort of dropped off. A little more warmth in the lighting would have given us more of that “audience disappears as they view the bubble of the story in front of them.” Basically, it’s nitpicky, but I want a thicker fourth wall.

My overall impression

Brilliant, amazing, powerful, moving, hilarious – and a whole host of other words which are sufficiently overused enough that they don’t do my feelings about this wonderful show justice.
Run To Richard now!

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