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"Life in the Middle Ages"

comedy · hero entertainment inc. · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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DAVID NORTON uncertified reviewer June 10, 2011
Friggin' ridiculous... This man is a genius - and um - more than a little bit funny. I feel as though I need to watch again and again, but having yet to hit my MLC (mid-life-crisis) I'm hesitant to risk a full-blown epiphany. For now I am satisfied to be an immortal idiot cavorting in the fields with my...well, you'll have to go see the show.... full review
JENNIE NIGROSH uncertified reviewer June 12, 2011
I'm not normally a fan of one-people shows...This - I could see again and again. Steve is a gifted performer and writer. Finally! A show that helps me laugh at myself - and everyone else in the same aging boat. Love this guy - love the show. Run! Don't walk(er). ... full review
TERRI CAVANAUGH uncertified reviewer June 03, 2011
OMG, laughed till my side hurt! I saw the show in the last week of May and have just been too busy with "mommy stuff" to add my review. Really funny stuff and so topical for those of us also dealing with the crisis of middle age! Steve is a seasoned pro,(according to his bio), with years of experience as a stand up comedian and a comedy writer for t.v. Well I must say, it shows in every aspect of this show! The subject matter is handled in such a smart and funny way all along being delivered with such flawless ease by someone who seems as at home on stage as he might be in your living room. Do yourself a favor and go. It's real "grown -up" fun!... full review
JACKSON VARADY uncertified reviewer June 09, 2011
Richard Pryor was right, Steve Ochs is one funny mother f#@k*r. His show is enormously entertaining, funny without being schticky, and poignant without being sappy. ... full review
MICHAEL SHAW FISHER uncertified reviewer June 11, 2011
Alright. This was my first Hollywood fringe show and I am very glad for that. The last minute extra show I attended was added to the calendar so that Steven might trick the infamous sophomore curse into striking a less attended performance and BEHOLD! STEVE OCHS DESTROYS THE SOPHOMORE CURSE!! He did a great job breaking down the stages of grief for one's own midlife morality epiphany. He was fast, witty friendly, personal and fearless when it came to breaking down his subject which was primarily himself. The production was highly creative, the writing was sharp and hilarious and I think anyone over 30 will be laughing with that kind that's reserved for your best friend. That self depreciating laughter where you know you are sharing a ... full review
MARK WILDE uncertified reviewer June 11, 2011
I wish there were a 4.5 I could click. The show was well-structured, engaging, and enjoyable. The multi-media presentation was charming. The show had many laughs with a number of applause-getters. But above all, Steve Ochs was an endearing performer who kept me connected to him the entire show. Great time!... full review
TAMAR KAGAN uncertified reviewer June 11, 2011
A very cleverly written and entertaining show. Steve's dry wit, and courage to tackle a subject most people (particularly in Los Angeles) would prefer to ignore is well worth the price of a ticket. ... full review
MICHAEL ZIEGFELD uncertified reviewer June 11, 2011
It is clear the actor is seasoned. Most 1 person shows are horrible self serving and are only strong in the limited facets they are known for, missing out on other levels that a full production requires. He worked extremely hard to accomplish a well rounded production in dialogue, performance and technical continuity. I appreciated that. My one critique: As a performer and an accomplished director, I personally do not care for performers that end their shows, educating us about life. I am open to hearing what THEIR epiphany was for THEIR life, but even if it is legitimate (as opposed to a trite moment for theatrical closure), I rarely am open to receiving that information from an actor. Ghandi? Mendella? Yoda? OK. Overall I enjoyed ... full review
AMY WOLF uncertified reviewer June 12, 2011
It's been said that the truth hurts, but in the case of "Life in the Middle Ages", the truth is funny, painfully funny. Steve Ochs digs deep to expose the tragic yet often comedic truths about the things we all must face with the passage of time. We're all aging, including Steve, but he's not going down without a fight and "Life in the Middle Ages" provides comic relief by giving us an intimate look at his struggle and reminding us that his is every 40+ year-old man's (and woman's) struggle. Ochs uses clever analogies and creative story-telling to reveal what our accelerated collision course towards meeting the Grim Reaper will be like. However, by pointing out the advantages that come with age and its subsequent wisdom, we are also remin... full review
MARK WAGNER uncertified reviewer June 21, 2011
This night started by laughing about the fact that eventually, I'm going to (fucking) die. It was a thought provoking evening that resulted in hours of discussion afterwards with my my girlfriend about the most important things in life... highly, highly recommended to any one who is male and human, or to anyone who knows someone who is. I don't think you need to be over 40 to laugh at Life in the Middle Ages, but being over 40 sure makes it profound and personal. Go see.... full review