solo performance · april wish · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 07, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

April’s energy and commitment really brought us along on a beautiful journey and a hell of a ride. The truth and vulnerability made me feel like I was especially chosen to be trusted with hearing this story and being invited into her life.
April’s writing is poetic and casual all mixed into a powerful delivery.

What I didn't like

I absolutely loved it. And I think a run time of 60-ish minutes could be great. Just to tighten up some scenes or dialogue a little. But I was never bored or checked out. And that speaks to April’s commitment to every moment she was in.

My overall impression

This was not just a look into the messiness and beauty that is motherhood ( which I personally can’t relate to), but a story about one’s identity. Losing it, finding it, and figuring out who we are somewhere in between all that ( and that I can absolutely relate to). April’s powerful story has you think back at all the relationships in your own life. It brings you back to your own childhood and one’s thoughts and dreams. It makes you aware of your lineage, your past, your history, where you come from and how we are all connected. All through April sharing HER story. This was a beautiful, powerful story and I urge everyone to go see it. You will leave moved and inspired.

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