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June 27, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

Joy is so compelling to watch as she moves through her own Dorothy in Oz experience and the ensemble as a whole is balanced and energetic.
I loved that the ‘special effects’ include actors pantomiming the props and adding their own sound effects to movements – a hysterical directorial choice enhancing the comedic charm of the piece.

What I didn't like

I sometimes couldn’t hear the lines. But this was due to audience laughter. Which is a good thing.

My overall impression

I absolutely adored this delightful musical! It was a delicious treat at the end of a hard day for me. I laughed so hard my seat shook. I have to admit, sometimes it came a little close to home as I have a daughter at Berkeley (just like the protagonist) who recently had to announce to her father (an Asian parent) that she was changing her major from Computer Science to English (much like the protagonist who changes hers from Microbiology to Theater Arts and East Asian Studies.) The parental ‘disappointment’ that ensues creates the brilliant comedy of this engaging little piece.

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