I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

chaotic heart · Ages 14+ · one person show · United States

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REY SALINAS uncertified reviewer June 09, 2011
SO powerful. smart. well crafted. so deep and thoughtful. I appreciate every use of emotions, humor, the honesty of telling her story. I would go see it again, just to get another round of understanding. For anyone who has been misunderstood, misjudged, and pushed out.... full review
UDA WALKER uncertified reviewer May 03, 2011
Jen Jajeh's show is a phenomenal. It's a funny, political, endearing piece about one Palestinians woman's navigation through identity--her own and what everyone else thinks she is or should be. I saw it in SF twice and everyone I brought loved the show. Don't let the title scare or your assumptions scare you off. Leave those at the door and just go see the show!... full review
SEVERIN MURPHY uncertified reviewer May 02, 2011
I saw I Heart Hamas in LA. I brought my teenage son and his three friends. We all learned more in an hour and a half about what is really going on in Palestine than we learned in all of our high school careers! Jennifer is doing beautiful things for Palestine and she is doing it in an artistic, approachable entertaining way. We really did laugh, we really did cry - see this show!!... full review
CAR NAZZAL uncertified reviewer May 03, 2011
I Heart Hamas is an AMAZING show! It is funny! loving!and a great perspective in to one woman's world! Word to wise: DON'T MISS OUT ON SEEING THIS! ... full review
MANSOOR A uncertified reviewer May 07, 2011
Turn off the tube and go see this show!!! DEFINITELY more entertaining than prime time and INFINITELY more educational than the news. Jennifer Jajeh artfully presents her experiences in such a way that I feel I'm right there with her along for the ride. ... full review
ANGELA CLARK uncertified reviewer May 08, 2011
I've saw the show in LA and chicago. Highly entertaining , thought provoking. Any minority can relate to her journey as an american. learned a loat about palestine culture. Highly recommended!!! loved it.... full review
MICHAEL SHAW FISHER uncertified reviewer June 11, 2011
What a journey! It starts off very hilarious and then delves deeper. Jennifer really brought so much of herself to this piece - at times she's empowered, other times she's self-depreciating, but always speaking her mind and on the verge of discovering new things. By the time it's over you will "Heart" Jen. Rock on, girl, bay area to beyond... ... full review
JOY NASH certified reviewer June 10, 2011
Jen is a delight to watch- impassioned, articulate, and challenging. Don't miss!... full review