Straitjacket Society Sketch Comedy

comedy · straitjacket society · Ages 18+ · United States

SJS is an innovative sketch comedy company that has performed over 800 shows in Hollywood in the last six years. Each show is created from scratch by each cast. Writing sessions, improv games, or just drinking caffeine and yelling are all ways that our sketches are first created, then rehearsed, then joined with sound cues and props, before they are finally unleashed live on-stage before an audience.

’’It’s rare that you see a group of sketch players with so much potential.‘’ …sort of like a cross between old and really good SNL/Mad TV.’’ _’’Someone must discover this untapped talent.’’ -Backstage

“This needs to be where people are scouting for shows. This is some really groundbreaking stuff going on and amazing performances and hilarious writing. For the casting people and agents and managers who want to go out and scout new comedic talent, you need to hit the late shows.’’ -Bonnie Gillespie, Casting Director

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran