Camille Bennett

Camille Bennett is an authentic Southern Belle. Growing up in Georgia, she believed that pom poms were every little girl’s dream. Ironically, she made her small screen debut as a cheerleader on the critically acclaimed, (but swiftly canceled!) Freaks and Geeks. She has appeared in such films as Ripe, White Oleander and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. She is member of SAG and AFTRA and is also a founding member of the StraitJacket Society.

If It Goes There

It's Saturday night, and Erik and Connor are looking to get laid. When they try their luck on a hook-up app, the night takes a turn they never expected and their true desires are revealed.

Sugar Free Foster Care

“SugarFree: Foster Care Cognitive Dissonance” is a solo show that combines psychology, poetry, personal narratives, humor, and lived experiences into a creative theatre play that will grab at the heartstrings.