Shining City

ensemble theatre · hicks street productions · Ages 12+ · Ireland

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IRIS GILAD uncertified reviewer June 03, 2018
This show is very exciting! The actors are outstanding!!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2018
a wonderfully written play enhanced by brilliant acting.... this is what good theater is...... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2018
tagged as: compelling · moving · powerful
Brilliant acting, outstanding writing, beautiful set. This was a stunning performance by the entire cast. Shining City was a delight to experience, with laughter and heartbreak. Not to be missed. I've already gotten tickets to see it again!... full review
DEAN STEWART certified reviewer June 03, 2018
I had the privilege of seeing "Shining City" on opening night, It's a gem. Don't miss it. Dean Stewart... full review
LORRY GOLDMAN uncertified reviewer June 03, 2018
An evening in the theater not to be missed.... full review
CHRISTINA HART certified reviewer June 17, 2018
The acting is stunning. The two leads were spot on, not one false moment. Really enthralling, great writing, the reason to go to the theater. ... full review
CINDY D'ANDREA uncertified reviewer June 17, 2018
This is a special play with a wonderful cast, and a treat to be in the Fringe environment. Eddie Kehler was amazing, and the show kept you on the edge of your seat.... full review
HELEN SANDERS uncertified reviewer June 04, 2018
tagged as: Haunting · heartbreaking · Stunning
Beautifully produced and directed. A wonderful haunting play brilliantly acted by a beautiful cast of deeply sensitive, seasoned actors. A stunning evening in the theatre!... full review
MARK KEMBLE uncertified reviewer June 04, 2018
tagged as: deep · fun · surprising · professional.
Strong, very pro, very lived in performances by a terrific cast. Every aspect of this moving show is realized, from the acting, staging, wardrobe, sound, lighting, sets, everything was meticulously wrought and delivered. The nuances and subtleties in the performances take you right into the play and don't let up through the final startling, chilling conclusion. ... full review
SEAN ROSE uncertified reviewer June 05, 2018
Shining City was a spectacular production from beginning to end. It is plays like these and such acting that should comprise Fringe. It was great to be in such an intimate setting with such beautiful acting from an ensemble that obviously created such deep life that was moving for the entire piece. Grateful to have seen this play and I probably will have to bring others to see it again as well. Very well done. Favorite play of fringe so far. ... full review