How Did I Get Here?

comedy · laura levites · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

One woman show by stand up comedian Laura Levites. Laura wants to have a normal relationship, even if it’s with her shrink. Laura’s struggle with personal relationships lands her in the most bizarre situations involving cults, hospital emergency rooms, drug deals, and fires. She can only ask herself one question, How did I get here?

Levites isn’t even close to her half-life and, yet, either her imagination went and ran wild about a decade ago or this is all true. Only medical records and confidentiality agreements buried somewhere deep off Second Avenue will tell. But one thing is for sure. This show will shake you to your core and make you wish you hadn’t complained that traffic was bad on the way over. Project yourself for five minutes in any of Levites’ relationships and you’ll go home to your significant other begging to watch The Bachelor or eat his or her terrible cooking, because it is worth it. 

“Laura Levites is a breath of fresh air in a city that has none. In a bar with ten model-actresses in a row, Levites clears the room with one lift of an eyebrow. This show is a cosmic joke without a warning and she’s the last one laughing.”— Carlos Herrera, co-host of The Mostly Normal Show at The Hollywood Improv

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* Fringe Veteran