Shakes on the Rocks

cabaret & variety · shakes on the rocks · Ages 21+ · United States of America

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SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 06, 2018
Such a fun time, a great venue for this show, and one of the more ways to get acclimated to Shakespeare! The 90-minute show flies because the cast is so engaging with the audience, and the ad-lib, improv, and character choices really made it that much better!... full review
BREE WERNICKE certified reviewer June 10, 2018
tagged as: casual · CRAZY · funny
This is a great concept! All the players are super-committed and jumped right into their randomly-assigned parts, which made for a fast-paced, high-energy show. I wasn't bored for a single moment. Definitely recommend.... full review
MADELEINE HEIL certified reviewer June 11, 2018
This show is an absolute must-see for any lover of the Bard. The actors are all brilliant and do an incredible job of stepping into their last-minute role assignments. And the more absurd the assignments, the better! I saw a delightfully wacky version of 12th Night with some cross-gender casting that made me want to ONLY see it like that from now on!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 11, 2018
So. much. fun. Fantastic cast. Great for Shakespeare lovers, improv lovers, trivia lovers, or if you just need a breath of fresh air from some of the heavier Fringe shows. ... full review
JESSICA PARKER certified reviewer June 12, 2018
The cast did a fantastic job with limited time and resources! Thoroughly impressed with their performances! This is how Shakespeare should be approached, minimal prep, minimal props and costumes! It was meant to be seen as a traveling show and that setting, although in a venue, allows the actors have freedom to really experiment in the moment and bring out different aspects of the characters! This is one of the more entertaining performances I have seen and the concept of how they decide the show is very fun! I give credit to the actress who played the soldiers in our rendition of Much Ado About Nothing! She had to play two different roles that she NAILED!! In her other part (she was double cast) she gave us a whole different level ... full review
THI NGUYEN certified reviewer June 15, 2018
I'm not much of a Shakespeare expert, but this made me want to be one. We saw Much Ado About Nothing and the choices some of the cast did was memorable and literally laugh out loud funny. It was like a show put on among friends for friends. Breaking the 4th wall and acknowledging the audience made me feel a part of the fun and action. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2018
This was an extremely entertaining and bold concept (randomly pick between Shakespeare plays, cast them at random, and then rehearse for roughly ten minutes... all with a drink in hand. For my show, we got to witness Much Ado About Nothing!... full review
LAURA JO TREXLER certified reviewer June 21, 2018
tagged as: shakespeare · classic · modern · fun
This show was a lot of fun! The cast was full of energy and played so nicely off of each other! It was a fresh take on a classic Shakespearean tale. I’m a huge fan of making classic tales a little more accessible to modern day audiences, as Shakespeare can be somewhat intimidating and tedious for today’s audiences. Great time! ... full review