Lady Farts

comedy · lady farts · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Lady Farts is an exploration of two women’s journeys from childhood to adulthood, as non-conforming, slightly awkward, mostly outrageous “ladies.” Covering everything from sexuality to religion to mental health to addressing the expectations of what women should be in today’s society. In this absurdist, comedic one-act play, we see a young Maria confessing her sins to a priest while young Bethany obsessively draws facial hair on herself with Crayola markers. As adults who never outgrew their awkward phase, the women continue to struggle to find their identities in wild situations, whether through dating, therapy or simply trying to fight the inevitable; turning into their mothers. Through shared laughter, tears and farts, together these two women somehow find a way to embrace themselves just as they are.

Production Team

bethany vee *

director, producer, writer, performer

maria margaret wilson *

director, producer, writer, performer

* Fringe Veteran