Men of Blood

ensemble theatre · konglomerat · Ages 21+ · Germany

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KIFF SCHOLL certified reviewer June 23, 2018
tagged as: German · poetic · romance · suicide · dramatic
I'm a fan of modern romantic European philosophical theater, but usually the payoff is more rewarding. The actors and writer clearly were fully invested, but it felt very under-rehearsed - the actors stepping all over each other, their English occasionally unintelligible. Some very clumsy and slightly dangerous, under-rehearsed fight choreography really made me nervous. No surprises - minimal humor - adequate acting. Hats off to them translating the script and bringing a German show to LA, but I wonder if they could have celebrated that accomplishment less and rehearsed more.... full review
RAHA LEWIS certified reviewer June 26, 2018
tagged as: gripping · Love · lust · narcissism · actor · mental health · suicide
The performance was very moving and relatable in so many ways. Watching the struggle of finding love amidst the mental distresses of life is too familiar and it was portrayed in such an authentic way. ... full review
WASEEM ABBAS uncertified reviewer June 26, 2018
Overall, I was left stirred up and provoked by this unique performance. The delivery, staging and relationship of both characters were impactful in its simplicity.... full review
MIROSLAV VEJNOVIC uncertified reviewer July 07, 2018
Men of blood was a breathe of fresh air - it was good to see some European theatre and European acting at the Fringe Festival. The story of two men drowning in their co-dependent, disfunctional relationship, leeching on eachother's flauds and eating eachother alive psychologically - all in silk gloves but bruthal as it gets. Both actors impersonated this relationship with a twist of cocky German punk flair adding up to portrait a true rock star among painters and his lover who ended up commiting suicide in this gay bitter romance. Good rhytme and pace. Loved it.... full review