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Lives of Our Times

dance & physical theatre · lace theater/la danserie · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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“Lives Of Our Times”: Choreographers Caitlyn Carradine and Judy Pisarro-Grant collaborate to present juxtaposed meditations unified as life before and life after in two, one-act multi-media events.

Carradine’s “automatRon,” in consideration of the crossroads our world is currently digesting, mashes-up the classic ballet Coppelia and the horror book Frankenstein, with a symbolic robotic nod to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and eerie echoes of an underlying whimsical theme a la Sleeping Beauty. Set in a post-apocalyptic world this choreographic and performative exploration delves into a multi-media, interactive experience.

Pisarro-Grant’s “Rockaway Beach, or so I recall” recounts a highly personal, maybe-true version of early 1960s summers in Rockaway Beach, NY with random musings on self, family and Other Stuff along the way. Dance, spoken word, live music and moving paintings tell the tale.

Featured in Dance Spirit Magazine (2006), Carradine is Artistic Director of L.A.C.E. Theater (

“…Carradine just might be the future. …keep an eye on this one. She’s going to grow rapidly.” (VC Reporter, 2005 L.A.C.E. Theater’s “Parallel Universe Theory”)

“Judy Pisarro-Grant has created a compelling meditation…” (, 2011 review of La Danserie Presents: Carte Blanche)

“…the choreographer (Pisarro-Grant) colors the work’s final section with a gentleness that intrigues…” ( 2010 review of La Danserie Presents: Rendez-Vous)

“…Judy Pisarro-Grant’s stunning choreography…” (Backstage 2009 review of the Miracle Worker, Edgemar Center for the Arts).

production team

adrianne duncan *
music director

* Fringe Veteran

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