The Sower

ensemble theatre · the bear’s pursuit · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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MICHAEL ORLANDI certified reviewer June 02, 2018
Beautiful play! Schuyler's written a play with well-fleshed out characters and its story resonates with artists and fans of art alike. This spoke to the resiliency that artists must keep and how a work-life balance is not always easy. I was also touched by what the play was saying about mental health, how important it is to have compassion and a support network. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 06, 2018
THE SOWER, 90 minutes of artistic drama ornamented by poetry and mastered by an amazing talented and harmonious cast! ... full review
PAMELA TRANK certified reviewer June 07, 2018
When I first read the description of this play, being a fine art major I thought I knew the general story of Vincent Van Gogh. Even non-artists have heard of the tortured artist who cut off his ear and gave it to his girlfriend. So going into the theater I felt I had some prior knowledge of this story. Well, I was completely wrong. The experience I had was as if I were back in time in the room where the story unfolded. I felt as a child experiencing this story jump out of history and into my soul. Every beat, every word wove the dual feelings of unending love and heartache into this tragic story. The actors absorbed and radiated their roles on stage working seamlessly together. I could relate even now at this point in time to loving someone... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 10, 2018
We thoroughly enjoy The Sower. This is a well written And captivating story about the struggles , both mental and emotional, of one of the greatest artist ever. Vincent Van Gogh’s Story and struggle is an important reminder to us all. ... full review
CHRISTOPHER FRANK certified reviewer June 25, 2018
Loved it! Full disclosure: my dear friend wrote and starred in the play. So I went entirely to support my friend. That being said, it honestly was such an incredible production. I love how so much story and emotion was packed into a small place. One room, four props, five actors (with one actor on stage the ENTIRE time). It was fun, engaging, extremely emotional. And it was such an interesting look into a very misunderstood man (Vincent Van Gogh). ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2018
A must see!! Acting was superb!! ... full review
MELLY ROSEHAVEN certified reviewer June 28, 2018
A very engaging play, with an accurate portrayal of what an artist of Van Goh's caliber would be like with bi-polar. Your attention was held fast and a wide range of emotions explored as you experienced what it was like to be in his shoes, as well as those effected by him.... full review
DAVID KAVIN certified reviewer June 30, 2018
tagged as: emotional · mesmerizing · powerful · sad · Beautiful
I would see this play multiple times. I loved the cast and can't recall being as moved by a play as I was with "The Sower."... full review