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Eyes of the Blind

ensemble theatre · granville house productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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DAVID LUCARELLI certified reviewer June 17, 2018
tagged as: Horror · gothic · intense · family drama · disturbing
An intense and effective Gothic horror drama set in the modern day, about a woman dealing with loss, and haunted by the past.... full review
MARILYN CORUM certified reviewer June 25, 2018
tagged as: intense · scary · Mysterious
It was quite an adventure. It's the kind of play I love discovering at the Fringe Festival. It was challenging, mysterious and in the end, satisfying.... full review
RUSSELL EATON certified reviewer June 25, 2018
tagged as: Horror · religion · ghosts · demons · death · dark · disturbing
Primarily a fascinating and disturbing drama, the story of a young woman dealing with the death of her sister quickly spirals into fairly horrific territory. There is a haunting of some kind going on and the exploration of why spirits return is very interesting. As the threat of demons, emotional ones and possibly other kinds, becomes more and more present, this ghost story turns into an intense exploration of religion and how it can be twisted to fit a specific agenda.... full review
tagged as: Brilliant! · terrific! · terrifying
This show is amazing. It started out a little slow and then it instantly picked up by scene 2. I was blown away at how uncomfortable I felt by the performances, yet still wanted to watch every second. The power between Kenneth and Amy and their tumultuous relationship is sad, scary and astounding. I would see this again and again. Linnea bond has created characters that you both love and hate. Shelby Monaghan ' potrayal of Amy is riveting and captivating. She is incredibly charming and carries so much depth and raw emotion throughout the entire show. Kenneth (geoff Lloyd) was incredibly sinister in a very low key way, but his ability to go from loving to evil in a spilt second was incredible! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 17, 2018
tagged as: Horror · scary
This show was not at all what I expected. Shelby Monaghan did an amazing job portraying Amy, a young girl who lost both her mother and sister to suicide. Her raw emotion was refreshing and she has a charm that is undeniable when she is not dealing with her demented father, Kenneth or apparitions that weave themselves in and out of the show. This ensemble cast is amazing and you do not want to miss this show. Be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable.... full review

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