Amanda The Barbarian

ensemble theatre · franger brothers · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

Amanda, the star of a new play and superstar in her own head improvs, breaks the 4th wall, and drinks on stage in this play within a play. She is an animal – eating, loving, smoking, drinking, and stealing all the brightest lights and most beautiful moments that are all there to service her deep cavern of loneliness. A tornado on a high-speed train forcing her first time co-star Jack to play along, an over matched Director to give up, and her current girlfriend and co-star to be fed-up. Amanda The Barbarian is a love-letter to the theatre and to all the people we know who hijack every production.

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Production Team

scott langer *


frankie jarvis *

co-star/make-up/costume design

sean frasier *

producer/script consultant

kristin walker *


* Fringe Veteran