comedy · dylan wallace presents · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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June 04, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: Dark Comedy

What I liked

The production has a strong point of view and marshals every element toward its purpose. The staging is strong and stylized. The acting is uniformly excellent. The sound design, consisting of a panoply of classical musical selections, underscores the mood nicely. The script is solid and brings to mind some of the best of the absurdists. It was quite a fun evening of theater.

What I didn't like

I’m not quite sure what to make of the maid’s character. A somewhat confusing element in an otherwise crystal clear production.

My overall impression

Feast is a highly polished, archly theatrical, frightening and funny comedy from writer, producer, star Dylan Wallace. It’s a bold critique of the stifling horrors of family and the indifference (or malevolence) of society. In the transgressive tradition of Joe Orton or Jean Genet (or more recent offerings like the films Eating Raoul or 1989’s Parents), Feast literally pushes the bounds of good taste.

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