Alexa, Turn Off Heartbreak

comedy · erickson & boggs · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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MIKE REYES certified reviewer June 13, 2018
tagged as: heartbreak · funny · storytelling · Duo
The dynamic duo of Tara Erickson and Sasha Boggs are simply electric, ALEXA,TURN OFF HEARTBREAK is a sincere and honest show that chronicles the effects of a breakup and the range of emotions that come with it. Hilarious and full of heart, presented with a mixture of storytelling, sketch and song. This show will leave you with such a sense of genuine authenticity, I simply cannot recommend it enough. ... full review
EMMA FAZZUOLI certified reviewer June 12, 2018
Hilarious insight into the minds of females going through a breakup! Tara and Sasha have wonderful chemistry and have written a fast paced relatable show that has you laughing and crying. ... full review
MISTY MONROE CLARK certified reviewer June 12, 2018
tagged as: hilalrious · witty · strong acting
Funny! Tara and Sasha are excellent actresses. The writing is very strong and witty. Put this show on your Fringe schedule!... full review
KATHERINE CURTIS certified reviewer June 13, 2018
tagged as: Love · Dating · relationships. · breakups · funny
"Alexa, Turn Off Heartbreak" will make you laugh until you cry, and cry until you laugh. I loved it so much I am seriously considering buying a second ticket and seeing it again.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 02, 2018
tagged as: comedy · Relationships · sex · Dating · music · Sketch Comedy
Hilarious, fast paced, with a message that is heartfelt and honest. ... full review
ACQUAH DANSOH certified reviewer June 12, 2018
I loved this show, for so many reasons one of them being their honesty about relationships and their ability to laugh at themselves. ATOH gives you a peek into what it's like dating in the modern age from a female perspective, and you either laughed and thought "Thank God I have my significant other" or "Oh my God I can totally relate" either way its a great story from start to finish. It never lags, they keep a furious comedic pace through out the whole show until they breakdown with their moments of truth in dating, WHICH IS BRUTAL! Not brutal in a bad way, but in that I just wanted to give characters hugs and eat ice cream with them. Tara and Sasha brought a real raw emotion with them in this show, and it was undeniably sobering but also ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 01, 2018
Loved it!!! Two beautiful people showing us that the struggle is real, not by simply trashing men, but by taking a hard look at themselves, their choices, their patterns, and their processes.... full review
JIM HEMPHILL certified reviewer June 01, 2018
Bold, hilarious comedy that also turns surprisingly moving at times; a great showcase for two talented actresses.... full review
AMANDA ROMEO certified reviewer June 01, 2018
tagged as: Relationships · heartbreak · breakups · comedy
So good! I came in expecting a comedy and it was definitely funny and delivered on that front. It was also as heartwarming and vulnerable as it was funny and I can't recommend it enough!... full review
SKYLER LIVEZEY certified reviewer June 01, 2018
Hilarious and heartfelt! ... full review