the porters of hellsgate · Ages 12+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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Review by LYNN BECK

June 06, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

I liked all things Charlotte Munson. She pulled off a whole host of characters (most of them hilariously), she has a beautiful voice and also hit the emotional moments of her show with incredible poignancy. It was also very creative the way she incorporated costume changes into the show, even showing herself in a bra and slip to show Lady Di’s vulnerability and nakedness in her position as a princess.

What I didn't like

Honestly, I don’t have any constructive criticism. I’d love to see it picked up by a bigger theater and expanded into a full two act show.

My overall impression

Holy moly, Charlotte Munson was AMAZING! It was truly an acting tour de force. And she wrote the music, the book and the lyrics, which were all wonderful. The staging was also fantastic and it was fun the way she interacted with the audience. I would definitely recommend seeing this show and hope that it gets picked up by a bigger theater!

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