The Universe (101)

cabaret & variety · cavort theatre · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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ALLEN GITTELSON uncertified reviewer June 14, 2018
This show was good fun and a wild ride for the mind. See it!... full review
DANIEL FAIGIN certified reviewer June 04, 2018
tagged as: time travel · farce · silly fun
The two performers, Ian Harvey Stone (FB) as Evanion and Matthew Godfrey (FB) as Norbut Yetso bring an energy and sense of zanyness to their characters that makes the show irresistable. They play, they clown, and yet have an earnestness in what they are doing that makes it all work. There is magic (I’m still not sure how they did the twist at the end), and there is science, and it all comes together in a wonderful whole. Full writeup at full review
ALEX HATHAWAY uncertified reviewer June 06, 2018
What happens when you step over the event horizon? If he switches that machine on, will I collapse in on myself? All these were important and pertinent questions when I stepped into the Dory Theatre at The Complex. I was immersed into a scientific experiment. I didn’t know what to expect, or the significance of the citrus based fruit but all was soon to become clear on this joyous journey. The Universe 101 takes you on a journey of time space, magic, with audience participation that ended in a wonderful denouement worthy of Poirot! it was entertaining throughout and in my opinion the best show I’ve seen to date at this years Hollywood Fringe Featival. I finally now know why Schrödinger was at the same time a cat person and not a... full review
BRETT MOORE uncertified reviewer June 10, 2018
This show is a ton of fun with a stunning magic/psychic reveal at the end. Brilliantly staged, planned, written, and performed, the show is a laugh a minute, and has an Abbott and Costello meets Doc Brown sort of vibe, with mental magic and a high degree of audience interaction blended in.... full review
ZACH DRUMMER uncertified reviewer June 11, 2018
This is a show well worth standing in a line to see, full of magical moments and wonderful elements of audience participation. I was fortunate enough to get brought onstage for a bout of hypnosis and was full-on engaged to the power of suggestion with my only focus being contribution to an incredibly fun performance. More than a play - an experience.... full review
DAVID LUCARELLI certified reviewer June 11, 2018
tagged as: witty · whimsical · magic
A witty and inspired magic show with great chemistry between the two lead actors that features hypnotism, time travel, quantum physics, metaphysics, time loops, and quite possibly the end of the universe.... full review
CHRISTOPHER KESSLER certified reviewer June 15, 2018
Derren Brown meets Monty Python. It is a unique and entertaining blend of slapstick and quantum mechanics, illusions and time distortions, mentalism and teleportation, hypnosis and the destruction of the universe. The audience is involved in the performance to such a degree that the final predictions are so strong that some eventually suspect each other of being confederates. It is worth the price of admission to see the expressions on their faces after the final curtain when they realize that they aren’t. Highly recommended. ... full review
ROB ANGELL certified reviewer June 16, 2018
What would happen if you put a clown and a mentalist in a modest hadron collider? This fantastic show! There's something for the brainiacs, something for the laymen (lemon?), something for everyone!... full review
ANNE MARIE SCHEFFLER certified reviewer June 17, 2018
Mind-blowing amazing show! Incredibly talented performers! Loved it!... full review
JASON POSTON uncertified reviewer June 19, 2018
tagged as: funny · clowns · time travel · magic · Hypnosis · lemon's terms
A fun, interdimensional romp that explains the universe in lemon's terms. Thoroughly entertaining, with just the right amount of audience participation, plus a surprise or two for good measure.... full review