Beautiful Monsterz

Drama · svi cine+media · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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JERNY GURS uncertified reviewer December 29, 2023
I recommend this service... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer April 05, 2024
tagged as: information
yes... full review
HOUSEHOL DELSEWHERE uncertified reviewer March 15, 2023
tagged as: drift hunters
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DAVID LUCARELLI certified reviewer June 13, 2022
tagged as: sexy · incisive · witty
Fame and fortune are the ticket to the freedom we all crave. Yet at what point do we as human beings, being totally free from the bonds of conventional morality cease to be human and become monsters? A sexy, witty and incisive examination of the role of celebrity in society.... full review
SHELLEY COOPER certified reviewer June 04, 2022
This show is extremely poignant with clear articulated themes. Steven’s writing is witty, provocative, and natural. I was very shocked this was a preview, because it felt more like opening night ready! ... full review
GORDON STEPHEN MATHESON JR certified reviewer June 07, 2022
Steven is one of the top writers and dramaturgs of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The Actors were top notch professionals. The costumes and changes were amazing 👏 The story is meticulous in exposing the dark underbelly of fortune and fame. Steven makes us care about his characters.... full review
REBECCA MCGLYNN certified reviewer June 07, 2022
“Beautiful Monsterz” is poignant and irreverent. Steven Vlasak’s script has a perfectly classic and timeless feel, while somehow still telling an extremely modern and relevant story that puts social media influencer culture directly in its crosshairs.... full review
DUKE NATHON uncertified reviewer July 18, 2024
I like it... full review
ZELDA WILLSON uncertified reviewer July 12, 2024
"A Dark and Delicious Dive into Celebrity and Excess" "Thanks to everyone who attended the Gold Medal-winning Beautiful Monsterz at the Broadwater Second Stage, hailed as 'Best Ensemble' by The, and one of the most celebrated shows of the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Steven Vlasak's adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' transforms into a contemporary tale that's both alluring and cautionary." Synopsis: In this modern twist, Dorian becomes Lori Anne Green, the fresh face of "Ever Young" cosmetics, catapulted into fame and hedonism by her unscrupulous ad agency director, Henry Memphis. Played with magnetic allure by Roz Stanley, Lori's journey from innocence to indulgence is a seductive spiral into th... full review
DUKE NELSON uncertified reviewer July 10, 2024
I really like it... full review