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Beneath Rippling Water

theatre · brw productions · Ages 14+ · one person show · United States

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BERNARD ALFS June 13, 2011
Sybyl Walker totally inhabits a huge cast of characters in her one-woman show. The heart is the theme: protecting it, nourishing it, letting it blossom. Song and dance - all included.... full review
SUSAN LYNCH June 12, 2011
Sybyl Walker is an extraordinary solo performer who takes the audience on a compelling, thought-provoking journey through her life and imagination. Highly recommended! Don't miss it!!!... full review
This is a lovely show! Sybyl Walker is incredibly talented, and I especially love the way she weaves songs into her characters. She has a wonderful voice.... full review
R RODRIGUEZ June 22, 2011
One of the best solo performances I've seen. From the moment Sybyl hits the stage with the word "love" she takes you on a heartfelt and poignant journey. Her commitment to the characters will have you laughing or aching right along with them. She has an amazing singing voice that by itself is worth the price of admission. BENEATH RIPPLING WATER will stay with you long after the performance ends. ... full review
It is tough to write a review when somebody as talented as Sybyl Walker leaves you speechless. A quintuple threat, this actress-writer-singer-dancer-character-inhabiter keeps you enthralled and engaged from the second the lights are out and you are waiting for her to appear – as her melodic singing beckons you into her story. She inhabits every character and moment so truthfully and organically that you cannot help but be carried away on the journey she takes you through. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to take every character home with me! This is a performance and a talent that you cannot afford to miss! ... full review
ENCI BOX bitter lemons certified reviewer June 21, 2011
Stories of Love told, like I've never heard before. The characters were distinct and lovable and the performance was beautiful! Sybyl has a wonderful voice and a huge heart! Don't miss Beneath Rippling Water! ~ Enci, Publisher, Bitter Lemons... full review

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