Nakedheart: Rebel with a Voice

cabaret & variety nakedheart productions · Ages 14+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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CHRIS LEIDECKER certified reviewer June 17, 2018
A deep, heartfelt story with a little weirdness. ... full review
RUBINA WOLF uncertified reviewer June 15, 2018
tagged as: #itcameback
Blown Away! Armen's artistic vision and ability to communicate and transform the coarseness into something fine is like alchemy on stage. He demands for you to transcend your own limitations in order to grasp the gentleness and beauty that's hidden within the spectacle. Those who have eyes will see! Of course without the actors and their abilities to bring the stage to LIFE... BRAVO!!! To all!!! ... full review
MAGIC M uncertified reviewer July 19, 2018
This performance was so far the most UNusual of those that I looked at. ... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer August 21, 2019
He obviously based his play around a setting that he was familiar with, and writes about his own experiences. The play was a social comment on the life of the main character. All the jokes and puns cracked in it made the whole play more enjoyable to watch. The play was very appealing to the audience since it not only made the play seem more relevant, but it made them feel special since it seemed like it had been engineered specifically for them to put themselves in that situation. ... full review
SAMANTHA H. uncertified reviewer July 02, 2018
First and foremost.... The play was great! This was special. Especially if you know the stories behind the show...... This play had everything a girl could want! A chauvinistic stiffy displaying his fragile broken ego aand having the world beat him down. Pretty kinky humor, to get your tickle bone in those hard to reach spots ;) . Yes, Bravo indeed. HAlfway through I wanted to shoot Cyrus (Main dude) for being such a hopeless romantic. A montly crew of characters all coming together to share the phallic epiphanies of one struggling Life-Questioner. The band was dope. The lead female vocalist had my lezbian heart pounding during Blue Moon, (So freakin soulful). Raw Play, I'd see it again. ... full review
JOHN WHEATON uncertified reviewer July 12, 2018
A very unique take on a rags to riches story and impressive direction from Armen Pogosyan with some inspired performances from the young cast. Also liked the band playing during scene changes added a nice atmospheric touch. Thumbs up!... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer July 19, 2018
This play was great! Entertaining but with a deeper meaning. Loved it.... full review
DARRYL WILLIAMS uncertified reviewer July 20, 2018
tagged as: interesting · incredible · pragmatic
The play was enjoyable, funny and very clever. From beginning until the end, it was very entertaining and realistic. The rebellious and also helpless at the same time, main character and his girlfriend wooed me and the audience with their professionalism and skills. The play left me a huge impact and a memorable experience.... full review
DANIEL ABREU uncertified reviewer July 20, 2018
Wow! This play was something totally different! So we'll written and directed. I was blown away. ... full review
ELIZABETH ANTHONY uncertified reviewer July 20, 2018
In my oppinion, the play was successfull. It was realistic and belivable, and gave out a feeling that audience can understand. The music was a live band which attributed more character. A handfull of funny moments added were tasteful and brought more interest throughout the play. If they have more shows coming up, I will definately be interested to attend. ... full review