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Nakedheart: Rebel with a Voice

cabaret & variety · nakedheart productions · Ages 14+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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CHRIS LEIDECKER certified reviewer June 17, 2018
A deep, heartfelt story with a little weirdness. ... full review
MAGIC M July 19, 2018
This performance was so far the most UNusual of those that I looked at. ... full review
RUBINA WOLF June 15, 2018
tagged as: #itcameback
Blown Away! Armen's artistic vision and ability to communicate and transform the coarseness into something fine is like alchemy on stage. He demands for you to transcend your own limitations in order to grasp the gentleness and beauty that's hidden within the spectacle. Those who have eyes will see! Of course without the actors and their abilities to bring the stage to LIFE... BRAVO!!! To all!!! ... full review
NORO POGO July 23, 2018
The play embraces the human condition by depicting characters with life circumstances and feelings that anyone can relate to. With atmospheric lighting, interesting props, attractive performers, and skillful acting, not to mention the hiilarious moments in between, there is no way the play could not have been memorable. The play had a poetic touch and density. It was funny and realistic and to the point. ... full review
the theater itself was not something i would be looking forward to visiting again, but the set of wonderful ensemble of actors led me to think otherwise. "REBEL WITH A VOICE", brought out my rebelious side, after watching it twice, the first show was as fascinating, thrilling every moment and whimsical at the same time, as the second time attending it. The director put an amazing show together with smooth scene changes, a clear focus and cohesiveness that is both realistic and impressive and unmatched. I really enjoyed watching it and it opened up a door for me to look into that aspect of a profession for myself. BRAVO... full review
This show was so greatly successful! I was moved by the quality and overall entertained throughout the whole experience. Well organized and something I have definitely never seen before in any other piece. One of a kind, I can tell the great efforts put in to creating a play such as Armen had. I was truly engaged the whole time.... full review
KRYSTAL PERES July 22, 2018
I left the theater with a reality check of my life. This was a wonderful show with a powerful performance. It was very nice how all the actors played their role with compelling believability. Great exhibition of once life moments, wheater they were sad or funny. Writer managed to blend it all so gracefully that it left a memorable performance in my mind. ... full review
LOYD LUIS July 21, 2018
it was unique and different, which left a memorable impact. I liked the story which seemed like it came from the writers real life experience. Deep meeningful peace that was done by a group of individuals who put their heart and soul and time into it. bravo ... full review
In my oppinion, the play was successfull. It was realistic and belivable, and gave out a feeling that audience can understand. The music was a live band which attributed more character. A handfull of funny moments added were tasteful and brought more interest throughout the play. If they have more shows coming up, I will definately be interested to attend. ... full review
DANIEL ABREU July 20, 2018
Wow! This play was something totally different! So we'll written and directed. I was blown away. ... full review

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