Love, Locs & Liberation

blackwomyn beautiful productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 16, 2018

What I liked

All of her characterizations were spot on, from her BFF Flo, neighbor Nancy (a typical New Yorker), an original French “curly girl” hater, her school nemesis Shawna with the most beautiful long and fine hair, to her friend Ella with whom she recounts her teenage crush with Ricky Gaines which led her to that fateful perm – the “creamy crack” drug for every woman who struggles with taming her hair. The message to just remember “it’s only hair” and YOU are the one that matters most, certainly rings true for me.

What I didn't like

Many photos were shared along the way, providing examples from the stories being told. I’d like to see the show in a longer format where more stories could be shared with longer visits with each of Turenne’s many entertaining characters.

My overall impression

As a woman with naturally curly hair who suffered the indignities of what had to be done to keep it straight and in style during my teen years, I certainly appreciate the sentiments Ella Turenne expressed during her show, “Love, Locs & Liberation.” Her goal as a big and beautiful black woman was to share how spiritually uplifting it becomes when you realize you are not your hair, but the soul within that shines brightly no matter what may cover your head. Navigating the tale from her decision to undergo “The Big Chop” and become bald after an unfortunate experience after a perm, Turenne takes us on a journey through the many people in her life that each had an opinion about her hair and how to handle it, always keeping in mind to do your hair to be respectful in order to succeed in business. After all, as she recalls, “nappy” is the other N word. I certainly remember my Mom giving me that lecture too as she attempted to straighten my hair using many of the same methods Turenne demonstrated during the show.

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