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family friendly one person show
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June 21, 2017 http://www.myhauntlife.com
tagged as: jazz · magic · CUTE · whimsical

What I liked

Intimate, charming and completely engaging, this is a solid add to the number of magic shows at the Fringe this year. This show is unique due to Jonathan Sky’s use of music. Wisely choosing jazz selections – and playing trumpet himself a few times – to enhance the mood of mystery, it elevates what might have been a simple magic act into a truly endearing hour of fun.

With disarming sincerity, Sky fits in some clever variations on traditional style magic. I was consistently surprised by the endings of his various routines because he never seemed to go with the predictable. Each of his stories lends a twist to the material. This is most charming when he uses the most traditional of magic props s to produce… well, let’s just say he is assisted by a cute friend for one of the more enchanting sequences. The routines here are smile-inducing and heart-warming, well worth checking out!

What I didn't like

This show is a valid argument for Fringe to make “Magic” its own category. This seems to be lumped in with cabaret and variety listings but it’s more versatile than that. I was totally charmed and there was nothing I can recall that distracted from the fun of the show.

My overall impression

Amazingly charming and endearing, this magic show goes straight of the heart. The wit and skill of Jonathan Sky make this a show to see!

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