Shakespeare and Chill

bag o' bones · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 08, 2017 gia on the move
tagged as: sexy · contemporary

What I liked

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My overall impression

Most people would describe this show as a “chill” show, considering they are spoonfed the buzzword In the title, but that word doesn’t really quite ring true with this theatrical piece. This is not a “chill” show.

This is a theatre piece that combines performance art, visual storytelling and movement that lightly strings along excerpts from the Bard.

First thing that caught my attention was the music. This is a pretty hip soundtrack, featuring Kendrick Lamar and other music that cool kids listen to nowadays; and if anything there is where the descriptive term, “chill”, comes into play.

As a whole, the show is sexy and breathes the same air that you would expect from couture and high fashion art installments. Lots of stark white, minimalistic, and surreal, dreamlike imagery coincide with some inspiring performances.

Don’t go in expecting a plot, which is not a negative, but instead a suggestion to let go as an audience member and enjoy the moments as they come.

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