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June 17, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

I am a massive Werner Herzog fan and I love the films he did wit Kinski. I’m well familiar with their legend and of Kinski’s solo “Jesus” performances. My biggest concern before the show was, “would I be scared of this man?” -

Would he make me feel like anything could happen? Like he could come unglued and cause bodily damage to himself or myself?

The answer is a resounding, “yes.” I was at the ddge of my seat during Mr. Perez’s high-wire act (He’s from Northwestern University and Steppenwolf Theater – you can tell he’s Chicago trained. They produce great actors there).

But more than this, Perez reveals Kinski’s sensitive side. For those who don’t think he has one, pay special attention to the scene in Cobra Verde where he’s watching the children sing and dance and when a butterfly lands on his hand. You can see the broken, sensitive boy that he spent his life trying to protect, and Perez makes a point to highlight this side of the legend, turning this enigmatic figure into something far more human than the demon he’s typically thought of as being.

What I didn't like

The managers of this space need to ask people to be quiet outside. You can hear every word of every loud conversation, giggle and guffaw from inside the theater, especially in quieter, more-sensitive moments, which is entirely distracting and breaks the performance.

My overall impression

You can really tell the difference between an amateur actor and a pro with chops – Andrew is the real deal. As huge Kinski/Herzog fan he did an excellent job in bringing this strange figure back to life.

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