A Harmony Boys Christmas

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June 22, 2017
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The Harmony Boys will crack you up! Beyond a great musical/comedy piece, these guys can actually sing their twisted, yet wonderfully composed, holiday numbers beautifully. Plus they had a four piece band on stage that was so smooth I’d forgotten they were even there halfway through the show. Great writing and hilarious characters carry this show so briskly and smoothly, it just flies by. The humor will make you laugh and feel terribly uncomfortable at the same time, as it puts a window up to a middle-American past that may not be as long put away yet as we might hope. That’s what makes this show, a musical special set in 1962, so funny and relevant today. The music is so good, well performed and choreographed that you can actually lose yourself in it like a holiday dream, as long as your holidays have room for slicing satire and witty entendras. Totally professional production from all on stage, musically, humorously, even technically, including the Newport girls and the two child actor/singers. Well done. Highly recommended. Go!

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