A Harmony Boys Christmas

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June 11, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Comic timing
Music-harmonies are tight!
The band is AMAZING!
Fine line walked and that is a treat
Choreography was spot on.

What I didn't like

This show was so good all of these criticisms are minor.
I feel like the gals can get a little tighter with their harmonies and energy. ALL great singers just maybe work on the blending. They were VERY GOOD but I did see the first show. A lot of it had to do with getting in on their mics a bit. The BOYS are so tight and spot on that it is hard not to compare them. Plus the gals always get the sassy choreography and go in and out of the mics and volume. They will be SPOT on I’m sure before the run is half over. I think maybe XIAN YANG MOON is funnier saying less…he had a monologue and maybe that could be trimmed OR moved later on because he is such a great actor that one of the questions that lands in our minds is “Does he speak English”???? Keeping that suspense alive longer could prove funnier.

My overall impression

When you come to a comedy/musical you expect to see a singer that acts all right or an actor who can sort of carry a tune. NOT TRUE AT ALL. You have four men with amazing voices and the ability to harmonize beautifully. And then when they open their mouths you get four fantastic actors with comic timing. The harmony in their acting is blended as seamlessly in their acting letting each voice shine and supporting whomever is taking the stage. I went through the night proclaiming “He is definitely my favorite character” until the next actor had his turn. This supporting cast is astounding from the Kids to the Stepford Wife trapped in a married hell, the Jewish announcer and the ARMY sergeant leading us in prayer and Patriotic tunes was flawless. Despite laughing throughout when all is said and done this play…..OMIGOD don’t say it…..Yes! It has a message. IT truly shows us how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go? Too much for you? Then just sit back and listen to the tunes and laugh along….You will not be disappointed.

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