Emotional Terrorism

solo performance · aloysius productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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RICHARD GRAVES certified reviewer June 25, 2017
Ellyn Daniels gives a powerful and riveting performance! Assuming this is autobiographical, as it appears to be, she is fearlessly honest in delving into, describing, and portraying her often chaotic life, and doing so with gusto, insight, and a great deal of humor! This dancer, turned model, turned stand-up comic, has suffered more than a few indignities in her personal and professional life. She confronts head-on the many issues facing her: a dysfunctional upbringing, unhealthy relationships, alcoholism, bulimia, career failure and rejection and more. She is bold, direct, courageous, revealing, fascinating, and very funny! A great presentation! I highly recommend this show!... full review