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In pieces

dance & physical theatre · hazelwood productions · Ages 15+ · includes nudity · United States

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MAT ROSECRANS May 19, 2011
Intense, emotional, captivating, are just a few words I would use to discribe Kai Hazelwoods piece. At times subtile and at times in your face, you cant help but stop breathing through the entire piece. The emotion reaches out from the stage and grabs you, so much so you cant help but be moved. A must see! ... full review
BK WADE May 18, 2011
Have you ever lost someone you love? have you struggled with making sense of the feelings? Then you will be as in tune with this performance as I was. I literally could not breathe during parts of the piece as the story unfolded and the artists bared (literally) the feelings and created an emotional roller coaster of memories. I took the ride and emerged with heartfelt gratitude to these beautiful young artists for giving me a remarkable experience that opened my heart and healed it in a gorgeous way. B. K. Wade ... full review
CARLYN STUART May 17, 2011
I had the pleasure of seeing an abbreviated version of Kai Hazelwood's Pistachio Ice Cream. It was beautifully performed and incredibly moving. This piece has very personal meaning to me, and brought up emotions I thought I had left behind. The evocation of a child's love and admiration of a father and the loss that's left in the wake of his passing was poignant and moved many audience members to tears. Kai is not only a stunning dancer and master of her body, but you can tell that she combed the depths of her soul to put this piece together. I highly recommend seeing this.... full review
SUSAN HARMAN May 31, 2011
Kai Hazelwood lays bare her soul in this compelling piece. Fortunate to see an earlier version of this work, I watched, my breath suspended, as her carefree, frolicking child becomes shrouded in tender heartache. Remembering. Playing. Delighting. Agonizing. Grasping for what she’s lost to the haunting echoes of the music. Powerful.... full review
PATRICK RILEY June 18, 2011
This is a excellent piece of physical theatre. The movement is daring and fresh and the portrayal of human emotions and memories are engaging. The performers are magnetic and get lost in the world their bodies create. I wish I saw more dance shows like this. Dangerous, unique, and specific. My only complaint was that I was one of only a handful of people in the audience. They only have one more performance GO!... full review
BETH MEGILL June 29, 2011
"In Pieces" was an interesting dance production which brought together three very different choreographic styles into one concert. However, the relationship between these arts was unclear and left me unsettled in my overall experience. The first piece about passive aggression had some idiosyncratic movement that lent itself to the theme, however the beautiful props which another reviewer mentioned were wrought with potential, but underused in this context, providing a lens through which the audience viewed the dance before being moved into walls of separation between the performers. Overall, while this piece held promise in terms of movement concepts and stage design, it was largely uncentered in theme and context. "The Push" moved int... full review
JEFF QUEBRAL May 18, 2011
such an intense, personal display of emotion. I personally enjoyed the beginning especially - such a creative way of using those particular props. ... full review

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