In pieces

dance & physical theatre · hazelwood productions · Ages 15+ · United States

includes nudity

One hour, three pieces; cheaper than a cocktail at happy hour, and early enough so you can still get one after the show. “In Pieces” reminds us of the beautiful, painful, funny, and sometimes down right awkward bits that make us who we are.
Produced by Kai Hazelwood

“In Pieces” was created in collaboration by, Ian Isles, Kai Hazelwood and Elizabeth Terschuur. It is comprised of “Maintenance” by Ian Isles, “Pistachio Ice Cream” by Kai Hazelwood and “The Push” by Elizabeth Terschuur. Special performance by Juliet Ante “Nine-Tail: An Arbitrary History” at the June 25th show.

Maintenence: “Maintenance” explores passive-aggression through the idea of barriers blocking initiative. There is no fear, no violence, nor any anger to be seen. Ever. “Maintenance” is a very indecisive piece and does not repeat itself – does NOT repeat itself.

Nine-tails: An Arbitrary History

Music: Jon Scoville “Compass”, Chang Shen “Untitled”
The work is a take on many Asian folktales that involve a fox with nine-tails.

Pistachio Ice Cream: Have you ever bitten into a peach and as the juice ran down your chin and flooded your mouth, been transported to summers with the grandparents in Georgia? “Pistachio Ice Cream” is a collection of memories, like this of my father; it is a personal dance theater work, a peek into the private space of remembering, and the tender place of love for someone who has passed away.

The Push: … A push affords us the needed friction that propels the intellect and psychological awareness into agitation…agitation then produces reformation upon resolution, but resolution is not a static state…is there a horizon-line, vanishing point to ignorance? Of course not, but the interesting thought is we all modulate between acceptance of failure and the pseudo-competence of knowing many supposed truths…the median where this chaos exists for each person is what I am interested in exploring in this work which is still in progress….thank you for watching

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran