Solomon: King, Poet & Lover - A Play About 1 Man & 700 Wives

solo performance · freed productions · Ages 10+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

family friendly one person show


THE JEWISH HAMILTON” – Scott Jacobs, Jootube.

Marcus J Freed performs a hilarious Biblical Comedy that takes you on a funny & fast-paced rollercoaster ride through the life of King Solomon. We meet Solomon as he tries to open the Temple, publish astonishing books of wisdom, experience every delicacy on earth… and satisfy his 700 wives. Marcus plays the King, 700 wives, 300 concubines & Court Eunuch. The one-hour performance is witty, engaging & thought-provoking.

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5-STARS!! WITTY, ENGAGING, THOUGHTFUL & CLEVER. ‘SOLOMON’ IS A PLAY-LOVER’S DELIGHT. MARCUS J FREED DELIVERS A MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE THAT TOOK ME A JOURNEY OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS". Salvador Litvak, Award-Winning Hollywood Movie Director of “When Do We Eat” & “Saving Lincoln” (& author of facebook sensation: ‘Accidental Talmudist’)

“Solomon: King, Poet & Lover – A Tale of One Man & 700 Wives” has been performed in over 20 countries.

“Marcus has many, many wonderful talents to bring a Jewish presence to the arts. I will even give you ‘Certified under Chief Rabbinate supervision!’” – former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

“smart, utterly original and deeply insightful” – Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

‘wonderfully charismatic’ – South African Jewish Post

‘the performance got a standing ovation!’- Entertainment Bulletin of Northern California

‘a hugely successful performance piece that is qualitatively different than anything you have seen before. Interesting. Challenging. And new.’
Joel Grishaver, Best-Selling Author & Teacher

‘Marcus Freed’s astonishing tour de force, ‘Solomon: King, Poet & Lover,’ is that rare event that fuses scholarship, dramatic entertainment, humor, poetry, and a deep exploration of text into an experience that illuminates and delights. His acting skills are matched by his gifts as a writer. This is a great program for teens and for adults.’ Peter Pitzele, Author of “Our Father’s Wells”

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