Just Old Woman from Old Country....

self · Ages 21+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 19, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Trina is engaging and charming.

What I didn't like

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. The height levels of the seats in the theatre is very close together so my friend had to duck and weave to see Trina on stage a lot.

My overall impression

This delightful show starts pleasing the audience upon arrival with a small shot of vodka. We follow Baba, Just Old Woman, From Old Country, as she spends time with family and friends. She is the aunt we tell are friends is eccentric. Hilariously funny from beginning to end with double entendres, Baba colorfully tells about her relatives and her idiosyncrasies with pictures and offers samples of Ukrainian food including sausage. The journey is joyfully entertaining, a charmingly wonderful experience.

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